A big yet tiny world.

Join Sando, Latte and many other friends you'll meet, as we explore life together in Pepper Point. From the memories we'll make, to the hand-crafted items in our Souvenir Shop, every piece is made to accompany you on your journey outside of our cosy little town!


Meet the Artist

Hello! I'm Sandra, an illustrator and designer based in Sydney, Australia.

Ever since I was a kid, you'd always find me drawing and making all types of things. It was my way of connecting with others and bringing my imagination to life. Now being able to share this with so many others, I hope to inspire curiosity and community even on the most 'normal' days!


Who is Sando?

The name 'Sando' comes from my old online name 'Sandoitchi (サンドイッチ)' which means 'sandwich' in Japanese. I grew up with anime movies, studying the language, travelling to Japan as part of high school, and I started going by this name online after high school. To be honest though, I chose it mostly because it was a unique word that sounded like my name.

But 'sandoitchi' also happened to represent me: a hearty stack of different creative pursuits, evolving experiences and cultural backgrounds. That's me in a sandwich. Over the years, the name has just stuck and I don't think I'll ever let it go!

So after all that... you could say Sando (the slice of bread with no arms only legs you may have met) is the me who lives in Pepper Point.